Hello Haters. (And of course, Hello Lovers.)

Art by First Dog on the Moon.

Art by First Dog on the Moon.

Grab a cup of coffee. Sit for a minute and try not to jump out of your skin.

Here comes your worst nightmare: a well meaning friend trying not-so-subtly to push poetry on you.

Over the years, I’ve heard your arguments and excuses and explanations and observations about why poetry just isn’t for you. I’ve taken these conversations seriously. I’ve rolled them around in my head, debating your pros and cons. I’ve tried to understand.

So, you should know that I’m not trying to convert you into becoming a poetry reader, writer, or advocate. I’ve simply taken on the task, during National Poetry Month, to show you the options of what you might be missing, to give you the gift of the poem or poet that might just be right for you, or the special poetry hater in your life. And I’ve sifted through what you’ve probably read in school or seen on motivational posters, hoping to find something new for your eyes and ears and heart and soul.

Okay, let’s get to it. Shall we?

Poems  and Poets for The Top Ten Excuses that Poetry Haters give to Poetry Lovers

1. “Poetry is for sissies.”

Yes, sissies can enjoy poetry. So can non-sissies.

Bad ass American poet and outlaw Charles Bukowski wrote in Notes from a Dirty Old Man, ”If you want to know who your friends are, get yourself a jail sentence.” Read more…