Contact & Review Policy

Hello!  If you’re interested in getting in touch with the Metre Maids, hopefully you’ll find all the information you need below!

We are very interested in reviewing and featuring both veteran and emerging poets, editors, and literary magazines.  If you’d like to query us about a review, or send us a review copy, please contact one of the Metre Maids using the information below.  We all have different tastes and styles, which we’ve outlined below.  We can’t promise a review for every bit of material that we receive, but we will buy custom essay online with respect, and, when we can, we’ll pass on anything that doesn’t strike our fancy to a reviewer who might fall in love.

E. Kristin Anderson can be contacted at e.kristin.anderson AT gmail DOT com.
E. loves anything quirky, weird, or whimsical with a strong voice.  She also loves reading poetry with a flavor for the fantastical and the speculative.  Some of her favorite recent works include FAIRY TALES IN ELECTRI-CITY by Francesca Lia Block, COIN OPERA edited by Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone, issues of Barrelhouse and Fuselit.  She is also an avid reader and writer of young adult fiction (not to mention an editor at a YA & Childrens lit mag), so if your work is of interest to teens, she probably wants to see it.  E. is on NetGalley using the handle EKAnderson so she will read eGalleys (provided that they are formatted well) as well as hard copies (email for mailing address please!).  E. also cross-posts her reviews on GoodReads and LibraryThing and occasionally on her author website at

Amber Beilharz can be contacted at amber.beilharz AT gmail DOT com. Amber is drawn towards anything that is a) literary, b) magic realism/otherness, OR c) that approaches imagery in an unusual way. She has a soft spot for Australian poets and her favourite collections include Robyn Rowland’s SILENCE & ITS TONGUE, any poem by the late and beautiful Dorothy Porter, <MORE OR LESS THAN> 1-100 by MTC CRONIN. Amber is also enamoured by the likes of Neruda, Levine, Plath and Derek Walcott.

Chauncy Perry can be contacted at tiganusi AT gmail DOT com.
Chauncy really likes ghazals and Asian forms, but has been known to read other stuff too, leaning toward social commentary, transgressive styles, confessional verse, and poetry in translation. All-time favourites include The Door by Margaret Atwood, pretty much anything by Robert Lowell or Anne Sexton, and collections including Verlaine’s Po├Ętes Maudits and The Other Voice: Twentieth-Century Women’s Poetry In Translation. French is his first language, he’s fluent in Spanish and can read pretty much any European language so don’t be shy to hit him up to review your collection of Euskara chants royals. Reviews may be cross-posted to various places on the internet; caveat dator.