Ask A Twitter Poet, Volume 1: What is the greatest tool in your poetry arsenal?

Welcome to what I hope will become a regular feature here at Metre Maids.  My plan is to regularly ask Twitter a question via the @MetreMaids account (if you don’t already follow us, get on that!) and cross my fingers for some good, creative, and interesting answers.  This week I’ve been thinking a lot about my journals — the volumes and volumes of writings that I’ve kept from my teenage and college years and the volumes I have yet to write — and what a great asset they’ve been to me as a writer.  I thought I’d ask what other folks thought of as their best poetry tool.  Below are some of the answers I got on The Twitterz.

Thanks to all of our participants!  Be sure to check them out on Twitter, and I’ll be looking forward to more tweeted wisdom, so watch @MetreMaids for future rounds of Ask A Twitter Poet!